Friday, 2 November 2012

The NEW Me

assalammualaikum. ya sya tahu. sungguh bersawang la my blog nih. sgt laa da lme x update. of course one of it sbb da msuk u laa. dgn mid n final exam nye. bio n chemistry is killing me baaaaadly inside. hahaha. nway byk jugak la things yg happen around me n the way i react about it that makes me more matured i think -,-. and now all people around me are expecting new things from me, including about having A BOYFRIEND. to be truth, A HUSBAND is better but not in this age, i mean commonlah, 18, 19 to get married?? i'm too young to do all the chores n jobs in taking care of a husband! and having a boyfriend is not going to make it any better. distractions n the fights n 'going out on a date' n sweet moments etc etc. that way is not going to make it a 'HALAL' relationship between us. not until we get married. i believe that Allah will give me the right guy who understand me n accept me for what i am, if i'd given a chance by Him to get through the life of marriage. insyaAllah :)

ok first thing is, next week da msuk sem 2 which is the short sem. n i'm going to learn english. yayyy for almost 1 year i left it, now i'm going to start all over again. kind of scary but challenge it is. i'm going to push it to the limit n yet get exempted so that there will be no more english classes for i don't know......9 hours per week maybe?? heehe n now i'm waiting for my final sem results. scared? of course =.= mom expected me to get good grades n super awesome pointer. hahaha. well insyaAllah. nothing is impossible in this world. i had get through a lot of challenges n agony throughout my journey of life. so nothing is impossible :)

well. nothing to say. anyway there is something to say but not now i think. have a great weekend :) just don't forget to say Alhamdulillah on every single day of ur life. pray for my success n assalammualaikum! 

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