Thursday, 10 May 2012

salam people! okeyh why red? hehe. lets talk about the title first. GEORGIAN ? what is that? anyway, before i'd moved to my previous school which is seseri, i was once, got the chance to wear KGV's high school badge. for about 3 years and like (okeyh now i am counting in my mind, haha) 2 months i think. and most of the people don't get it. why i left the school? of course, to get an offer from sbp's when you're in form 4 is one of the hardest thing to be achieved. and that moment when i've got the chance, i said to myself like why not give myself a try? and that is the moment when i have to say goodbye to KGV. do i miss KGV after that? of course lahh. there are soooooo many good and bad memories there. and again, why is my typing is in red? well, before i left the school, the teachers had shuffled our sports houses. it means, all of the students will be in their NEW respective sports houses. and guess what? i'd been chosen to become a SENG LONG member, which is red :) but nahh, i'd only been given the chance to be in that house for just one month! and when i left the school, i heard that they are no longer the number one. hehe. before that, i was in BRADDON house, which is yellow. haha

okeyh, now why is it blue? hehe KGV's official colour is blue (i think!, hehe). okeyh our georgian's t-shirt is blue! hahaha well we georgian always said, that once u are a georgian, u will always be. and yes i am. i'd never forget them. never forget the memories. never forget my friends. never forget the bad things that i've done there (some of it are just painful, huhu) but life goes on. now, i'm going to make myself proud. proud to be a georgian and seserian at the same time :) all the agony that i'd been through at both schools are just making me a stronger person. now. i am going to a new chapter of life. UNIVERSITY life! i'm just hoping that everything is going to be just fine. to all my friends, good luck.

okeyh, just want to share this beautiful song by Ariana Grande. sweet one :)

love, aylilurrun.


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